GTP and GIMAC Host Prepaid Conference in Douala, Cameroon

March 1 at the Star Land Hotel

The payment industry faces many challenges, leading key players to drive innovation in a competitive market.  Prepaid card programs, which have been adopted throughout Africa, must therefore become leaders in technological innovation.

The challenge today is for prepaid programs to provide inclusive, innovative and secure services to cardholders across the continent.

Within this atmosphere of innovation, Global Technology Partners (GTP) organized, in collaboration with GIMAC, the first prepaid conference in Central Africa, which was held on March 1st in Douala, Cameroon.

Professionals from across the payment industry, including banks, IMFs, mobile operators, and Fintech companies, gathered to share information and discuss the future of payments in Africa.

GTP and GIMAC were excited by the scope and creativity of the discussions, and will work closely with the attendees to bring these ideas to fruition in Central Africa and beyond.